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Kids in Preschool


I am a servant-leader with deep community relationships and a strong track record of advocacy and impact. As a licensed social worker and mental health provider, I have a proven track record of supporting parents and students from a social-emotional learning lens. I have transformed systems despite social and environmental constraints. These experiences have provided critically important perspectives that shape my values and my ability to lead our schools to be effective, efficient, and accountable.
Rebuild trust between the community and the Orleans Parish School Board.

To transform education in our District, we must foster a strong relationship with our parents and the community. We must be willing to bring an open mind to every discussion and take into account the experiences of our students, our parents and our teachers.

Promote parental engagement.

A critical piece of building trust is centered around robust and consistent efforts that encourage family engagement. Parent engagement is critical to student achievement, attendance and confidence. Students with involved parents earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills and show improved behavior. I will create opportunities for parental engagement in District 1. 

Ensure social and mental health of students is a priority.

We must focus on the critical issue of mental health in all aspects of our education system. The stress, trauma and life events that many of our children experience affects their ability to learn and concentrate. We must address the needs of the whole child to prepare students for success in life. I will use my experience as a licensed clinical social worker and mental health provider to ensure that these needs are addressed.

Ensure fiscal accountability and transparency.

We must increase financial accountability and transparency of both the school board and the charter operators. Funds must be spent in a manner that ensures equitable resources for all students, while aligning revenue and spending.

Champion best practices.

Administrators, teachers and other staff must be provided with the tools and support needed to implement proven learning techniques. That support would include opportunities for ongoing professional development. Curriculum and assessment aligned with the needs of the students is essential to quality instruction.

Provide equitable resources for students with special needs.

Every school must provide appropriate assessments, instruction and assistance to every student with learning disabilities and other special needs. No parent must feel that their child is being shut out or re-directed from their school because necessary services are not being provided.

Provide a safe environment for students and teachers.

COVID-19-related challenges require us to ensure that learning can take place with minimal risk to students and staff. On-site learning cannot take place until parents and teachers fell safe within our school buildings. We must continuously assess data and review input from the community to provide a learning environment with minimal risks.

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